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Different districts, different traditions, one people


Enjoy a nice walk on your Cayman Islands vacation and you may be surprised when your hips start to swing to a soothing rhythm. What you hear is a traditional Cayman Kitchen Band, ringing out warm notes in step with the Caymankind spirit. The soul of jazz is important to the musical tradition here, as is the happiness of calypso and the message of reggae.

music in cayman islands

The Cayman Islands share a wonderful relationship with music. Several festivals can be found throughout the year on the islands, brining people everything from Cayman folk music, to digging deep into the deep connection that Caymanians share with jazz music.

Popular instruments can be heard playing throughout the island include the fiddle, accordion, mouth organ, grater, and the drums that keep you moving.  

Caymanian artists are influenced by all kinds of music. From a wide selection of international pop music to jazz and folk, whichever genre or venue they perform, that signature island warmth is always present.

If you are looking for great places to find musical performances or special events on your Caribbean vacation in Cayman, look at the music category in our calendar.

The harmony of Caymankind is deeply felt in the Caymankind Anthem. Comprised by twelve local musicians and singers, the Caymankind song truly expresses the friendly nature of Caymanians.

Listen to the song and see how it came together.


Hints & Tips

  • Be prepared to kick off your shoes and dance.
  • Music in Cayman is as varied as its residents. We have everything from jazz, calypso to instrumental to rock.  
  • Each club offers a different type of music. Finding one that suits your mood is as easy as asking a local.