Locally Made

In the Cayman Islands

With hundreds of stores in the Cayman Islands that sell and exhibit Cayman’s artistic traditions, finding the most authentic, affordable and most highly valued arts and crafts can occupy the greater part of your vacation. You should try to dedicate a full day to exploring the many stores around the island. Many independent galleries dot the islands, offering a mosaic of the influences that create the spectrum of Cayman style. You will also find them in the gift stores of many Cayman Island attractions, such as Pedro’s Castle and Botanical Park. With a little creative planning you can easily combine much of your sightseeing with your arts and crafts shopping to maximise your valuable Cayman Islands vacation time.

Door to Door Ice Cream

Cayman Ice DreamsFrom their small beginnings in 1990, Door to Door Ice Cream has become a local favorite on island offering delicious homemade ice cream and popsicles. One of the things that make them a loved locally made company is their interesting ice cream flavours. Grape Nut, Rum and Raisin, Guinness is amongst the most popular.Recently launched, are their local made popsicles, which also comes in a variety of unique local flavours and ingredients such as tamarind, watermelon, soursop, passion fruit, lemon-lime and papaya. You can find Door to Door Ice Cream in the local supermarket ice cream section or on their ice cream trucks. They can also create specialised homemade treats with flavours of your choice for any special occasion. Give them a call at 345-326-4770 or 345-326-7684.

Cayman Gourmet Pepper Jelly

Cayman Gourmet Pepper JellyWhat started as a hobby for an avid backyard gardener has now become a “must have” in Cayman households and a perfect souvenir gift to take back home – Hot gourmet pepper jelly guaranteed to get your taste buds flowing. 

Laura Jewellery

Laura JewellryLaura Anderton designs and creates beautiful pieces of art from her home in the Cayman Islands. Laura’s passion for detail and flair for design mean each and every stylish piece of bespoke millinery or stunning jewellery is uniquely designed specifically for the wearer. 

Beach Bubbles

Beach BubblesLocally handcrafted tropical soaps and products are created with lovely ingredients such as honey, glycerin, creamy goat’s milk, coconut oil, olive oil, and aloe vera. Products are not only beautiful but, they are also very good for your skin and they are all hypoallergenic. 

Cayman Sea Salt

Cayman Sea SaltCayman Sea Salt is a family run business producing 100% solar gourmet sea salt. Products are made by hand using artisan methods to ensure quality salt for all your needs. What makes Cayman Sea Salt unique is the crystal clear Caribbean water and our artisanal method of harvesting. Cayman Island waters are considered some of the most pristine within the Caribbean due to small population and limited impact. Create your own Gourmet food baskets for birthdays or Christmas gifts. Include Cayman Sea Salt, Cayman Sea Salt BBQ Rub along with other locally made products.