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Cayman Islands Government

The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory that operates under a parliamentary democracy with judicial, executive, and legislative branches. Listed by the UN Special Committee of 24, this top Caribbean destination is one of the last non-self governing territories. Appointed by Her Majesty the Queen, Her Excellency, Mrs Helen Kilpatrick, CB is the Governor of the Cayman Islands. Fulfilling a term of four years, Mrs Kilpatrick presides over Cabinet, the executive level withing the legislative government.

cayman islands government

The current constitution of the Cayman Islands, the fourth in its history came into effect on 6 November 2009. It provides for the government of the Cayman Islands as a British Overseas Territory including a governing Cabinet comprised of two official members and five elected members called ministers. Put in place by the Governor, the two official members of Cabinet are Deputy Governor and Attorney General.

Although these officials have seats in the elected Legislative Assembly, they do not vote. The five ministers are voted into office by the 18 elected members of the Legislative Assembly. One of the ministers, the leader of the majority political party, is appointed premier by the Governor.

About 80 departments and sections carry out the duties of the government. These departments are joined by several statuary boards and authorities.

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Hints & Tips

  • The Cayman Islands is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. 
  • The Cayman Islands has its own currency - but also accepts the US Dollar. 
  • Elections take place in May every 4 years. The next election is in 2013.