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Getting Here by Ship

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Grand Cayman Ship Port

Grand Cayman - the main island, is home to the vibrant port capital of George Town. There are currently no berthing facilities for cruise ships; however, up to four cruise ships can anchor in one of four designated anchorages in Grand Cayman. If there are more than 4 cruise ships in port, the others remain on engines or dynamic positioning in the harbour.

There are three cruise terminals that the cruise ships ferry their passengers to by tender. They are the North Terminal, the South Terminal and the Royal Watler Terminal. The tender ride from the ship to the terminal is generally about 5 minutes, excluding loading and disembarking time.

Historical Points of Interest in George Town:

  • Fort George Historic Site
  • Public Library
  • Elmslie Memorial Church
  • Town Clock
  • Heroes Square and the Legislative Assembly (Parliament)
  • Post Office
  • National Museum

Yachting & Marinas

For those who wish to reach our islands by charter, the crystal blue sea of Cayman makes for an unforgettable voyage. Among our marinas, the Cayman Islands have two major ports of entry. One is located on Grand Cayman Island and the other is on Cayman Brac. Port Security greets travellers on VHF Channel 16 and are available for contact 24-hours a day. Visitors are kindly reminded to adhere to the regulations of customs and immigration:

  • Once vessels have entered Cayman territory they must fly the Q flag.
  • All guns, spear guns, and other weapons must be left with customs.
  • Outside fruit and plant life is not allowed on the islands.

In the Cayman Islands, we treasure our famed marine environment. To ensure the safety and serenity of our sea-life, much of the water around Cayman is a protected area. There are simple regulations that help to keep our islands beautiful; we ask operators and guests alike to observe the following:

  • Anchor chains are known to damage coral. Fixed moorings are most prevalent to prevent this.
  • Use of gill nets and poison is prohibited.
  • To use spear guns and seine nets, one must obtain a license from the Cayman Marne Conservation Board.
  • Removal of marine life (coral, sponges) is prohibited. There are also specific terms as to fishing for lobster, conch, and grouper.

For more information on these terms, please contact:

The Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands
3rd Floor, Kirk House
22 Albert Panton Street
George Town, Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands

After complying with these guidelines, water-lovers are welcome to revel in our famed marine environment. A full-range of yacht services is available at marinas throughout the islands. Watercraft accessories, extra crew and amenities such as on-board catering are also available through many of the operators.

Hints & Tips

  • Apply sunscreen and wear a hat and shirt to prevent sunburn while strolling around town.
  • If arriving by private ship marinas can provide Captain Services to guide ships into safe harbour.
  • If visiting by cruiseship remember to sign-up for CaymanCalling at the dock.
  • US currency is accepted on all 3 islands.