Investment Bureau

Investing in the Cayman IslandsThe Cayman Islands Investment Bureau in Grand Cayman was created with the understanding that it would provide assistance to any person, local or overseas, who is interested in investing in the Cayman Islands. Now known as the Department of Commerce and Investment (DCI), services include assistance for small business, information about the Trade and Business licensing process. It also administrates the Film Commission.

Doing business in the Cayman Islands provides a competitive advantage and a supportive environment to start-ups, as well as established organisations looking to expand. The location of the Cayman Islands (1 hour from Miami, 3 hours from New York and direct flights from London) make it the ideal location for meetings and gatherings.

The DCI can even connect business partners and opportunities for overseas and local investors. This could include the Angel Network, assisting with the Government Tenders process or developing new sectors of industry.

The high quality of life experienced by the residents is a result of our first-world infrastructure. These include our full service supermarkets, internet access, as well as our telephone systems.

Visit Department of Commerce and Investment to learn more about their services.  

Hints & Tips

  • If you plan to open a bank account verify the required information prior to arriving to ensure all documents are correct.
  • Plan some time to explore the Cayman Islands during your business trip.
  • The Cayman Islands is an ideal location for incentive trips.