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The perfect Caribbean island to be a family


Children Thatching with a woman in traditional Cayman dress
Family lies at the heart of life in the Cayman Islands. All three islands have a list of must-see Caribbean attractions that constitute the unmatched spirit of Caymankind. World-class scuba diving, snorkelling, and sailing are just the beginning of your adventures when you take a family vacation in the Caribbean. The islands' history is rich in exotic detail, as our Museums, Botanic Park and National Trust clearly demonstrate. Our richness also lives in the food your family can experience.

Cayman Islands attractions are in abundance and include some of the most popular attractions in the Caribbean. You will never be short of a full day of history, culture, excitement, and fun of your Caribbean family vacation. From nature trails and interacting with wildlife (the famous Cayman Turtle Farm and Stingray City) to snorkelling and diving, there is a new adventure awaiting you every day on your Cayman Islands vacation.

All three islands have a list of must-see Cayman attractions that constitute the unmatched spirit of Caymankind and the Cayman Islands. And for a complete Cayman family experience, take in the islands' rich history, unique traditions, and vast expanses of nature. Plan your Caribbean family vacation around some of these enticing activities and learn that the beauty of the Cayman Islands extends far beyond the sand.

Culinary Capital of the CaribbeanThe Cayman Islands are the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. Take this family time to try different types of food that may not be something you would do at home. From fish frys or jerk chicken stands to fine dining each new experience from one of our more than 200 restaurants gives your family, something to laugh about, something to talk about, something to remember. 

Pick Daily Adventures or Mix and Match on your Caribbean Family Vacation to Cayman.

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Day 1
- Go for an island wide helicopter ride and see the island from a new view (40-50 minutes)
Afternoon - Head up to West Bay to see the turtles at The Cayman Turtle Farm (60 minutes)
Evening - Deep dive on Atlantis Submarine, there evening tour is an experience of a lifetime (60-90 minutes)

Day 2
- Go horseback riding along the beach and take in the beautiful coast (60-90 minutes)
Afternoon - Check out the flora and fauna of Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and walk a trail (60 minutes)
Evening - Relax for the evening and take in an outdoor movie at Camana Bay (90-120 minutes)

Day 3
- Swim with the dolphins in one of our two dolphin parks in West Bay (60-90 minutes)
Afternoon - Car Fan? Then the Cayman Motor Museum is the place for you (60 minutes)
Evening - Get a 360 degree view of the island at night with the Observation Tower (30 minutes)

Day 4
- Get a history lesson at the Cayman Islands National Museum (60 minutes)
Afternoon - Want to try something different? Jet Ski Fishing is unique and fun (120-180 minutes)
Evening - Grab a picnic dinner and head to the beach for a sunset dinner right at the water's edge (60-90 minutes)

Day 5
Morning - Catch a flight to the Sister Islands (40 minutes) either Cayman Brac or Little Cayman
Cayman Brac - Start with a tour of the Cayman Brac Museum, then check out some of the caves including Peter's Cave and Rebecca's Cave. If you would like a guided tour contact the District Administration office for complimentary tour guides. Lunch can be enjoyed at one of the many restaurants on the island. Then take a drive up the bluff to explore the Lighthouse Path as well as the beauty of the bluff itself. 
Little Cayman - Spend some time stopping at the bird lookouts scattered along the side of the road. Stop to explore the many beaches accessible by a path from the road. Quiet and secluded is the theme for the day. Try Little Cayman Beach Resort, Hungary Iguana, Pirates Point (call ahead) or Southern Cross Club (call ahead) for lunch then visit Point O'sand for a fun time at one of the most unique beaches in the Caribbean. 
Evening - Be back to Grand Cayman just in time for dinner (40 minutes)

Day 6
Morning - Swim with the stingrays at the famous Stingray city in the North Sound (90-120 minutes)
Afternoon - Visit Pedro St. James National Historical Site one of the oldest buildings in Cayman (60 minutes)
Evening - Hit the track with Cayman Karting, a go cart company that is fun for kids and adults(60-90 minutes)

Plan your Caribbean family vacation in the Cayman Islands and discover why vacationers agree - the beauty of the islands extends far beyond the sand.

Hints & Tips

  • With shallow waters and calm seas the Cayman Islands is a family friendly Caribbean destination.
  • If you like to dive - bring your kids for SASSY & SNUBA sessions.
  • If travelling with extended family try renting a condo or villa which provides more space. Many offer daily housekeeping!