How to Be a Pirate

cayman brac pirates week festival

Speak like a Pirate
Adding a few key phrases to your vocabulary will certainly help when communicating with other scallywags on Cayman.

- Ahoy: Hello
- Avast: Check that out
- Aye: Yes
- Arrr: I agree
- Parley: Meetings are better when you have cool names for them
- Bilge Rat: Something to call someone who finished the Rum

Dress like a Cayman Pirate
Having the right accessories makes all the difference between looking like your pants got caught in the paper shredder at work and a real pirate.

- A ruffled or lacy shirt that is extra blousy works for a man or woman
- thick belt with an extra-large buckle is a great place to hold your sword
- For a man: dark coloured baggy pants that can be tucked into boots are essential. No wench will be after a scallywag wearing ripped or shredded jeans.
- For a woman: a long full skit or short fitted skirt of any colour is key to being either a lass or a wench
- A three-pointed hat or coloured sash tied around your head adds to the realism
- Add as many earrings, bracelets and necklaces as you can.

Eat like a Pirate
Pirates spent many months at sea and when they came to port one of the first stops was some place to eat. Try some of the Cayman Islands specialties during your Pirates Week visit at the food festivals or the Heritage Days.

- Conch Stew: a creamy concoction of conch, dumplings, coconut milk and seasoning/scotch bonnet peppers served over white rice
- Fried Fish: wahoo or mahi mahi fried and served with festival
- Whelks: a type of mussel that has been stewed and served with white rice
- Turtle: stewed turtle meat served with rice and beans (also called peas)
- Breadkind: starchy foods such as breadfruit or cassava
- Run down: either salt beef or fish based stew that includes potatoes, coconut milk and dumplings

Parade like a Pirate
Gather a bunch of your friends and neighbors for your own Pirate Invasion Parade if you can't make the real thing!

- Decorate floats, cars, bikes and skateboards
- Use old sheets for sails
- Cardboard can be used for the creation of the boat
- Creativity and fun are the most important part of the parade


We have photos of some events on our Facebook page. We can't wait to see you!