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CayMAS Carnival

CayMAS Carnival… your answer to sun, sand, sea… and SOCA!

Come and Experience the Carnival and Discover the Islands. We are ready to take you on a Carnival journey, Cayman Islands Style! CayMAS Carnival energises the island on 11th – 15th May, 2017!

The CaymanIslands has been called a hidden jewel in the Caribbean Sea, well this jewel ofa Carnival is ready to be unveiled to the world. CayMAS Carnival wasconceptualised to give you a complete Carnival experience on Carnival weekend,and we are have created just that in the Cayman Islands.

Come and‘Experience the Carnival’… as we parade down the streets of Grand Cayman invibrant colourful costumes as one people. It doesn’t matter where you’re from,what your social status is, what your pay grade is; on this beautiful Saturdayafternoon on Discovery Day holiday weekend, we are one people enjoying thefestivities of Carnival!

Come and‘Discover the Island’… enjoy the world renowned Seven Mile Beach, thecrystal-clear waters, the world-class dining and become a part of the Caymanianway of life. Very few have visited these shores and left without the desire toreturn, and to combine that experience with Carnival, it’s like making the bestpot of fish rundown (ask a Caymanian wa dat is).

Why CayMAS Carnival? Why not? We look forward to giving you an experience that will have you wanting for more on Discovery Day Holiday Weekend, 11th – 15th May, 2017!

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To be apart of the experience, book you trip NOW before April 8th at www.swankytravel.orgfor your favourite Costume Band! Complete Carnival-experience Packages as lowas $1299 per person(air, accommodations, costume, transportation, and more).