paddleboarding, cayman islands
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paddleboarding, cayman islands

Stand-up Paddleboarding has a long history, starting back in Polynesia centuries ago as a way for kings and queens to enjoy the water. By using a long board and a paddle they were able to cruise around, travel between islands and catch waves along the way. Modern day surfing is derived from this original paddleboard surfing.

This popular Grand Cayman watersport is suitable for all ages. Ofter the ability to SUP is based on the weather and if it is too rough or windy then rentals wont be available. The good thing about the Cayman Islands is if one side of the island has rough water the other side is normally smooth and calm so be open about where you would like to try paddleboarding.

There are spots to rent stand up paddleboards on Seven Mile Beach, East End and North Side as well as on Little Cayman. This activity is great for the entire family with kids as young as six being capable of trying this due to the calm waters surrounding the islands.

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Hints & Tips

  • Go East and try this sport. It is harder than it looks.
  • This is also known as SUP'ing.
  • Find out for yourself if women are better at this sport than men - its been rumoured to be true.