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Feel the wind in your face and taste the salt spray on your lips as you race your friends back and forth across the water at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. A jet ski is a personal motorized watercraft that one rides or stands on. A perfect vessel for catching waves and cruising with speed, the jet ski is a unique way to experience the Caribbean waters.  Whether it's a 'Jet Ski', a 'Waverunner', or a 'Sea-Doo', a wide range of jet ski rentals are available on Grand Cayman and throughout the islands during your Cayman Islands vacation. Be sure to keep an eye out for snorkellers that may have swam further out from the shore. From private charters to solo excursions, a jetski ride is a unique way to experience the crystal blue waters of Cayman. also offer jet ski fishing tours and jet ski snorkelling tours. Rentals are available along as well as in North Side.

Hints & Tips

  • Be sure to wear your life jacket when using a personal watercraft. 
  • Try jetski fishing - you might catch the big one.
  • Personal watercraft can be rented on Seven Mile Beach and Rum Point.