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Early Caymanians were lauded as some of the world's greatest boat makers and sailors. Today, a strong maritime heritage still ruminates throughout the islands. That legacy lives on with fishermen bringing in the daily catch for restaurants, catboat builders and school children learning to sail as part of the ciriculm. The love of the sea is found in every soul who lives in the Cayman Islands. Seafarers as well as beginners to boating alike will enjoy spending time cruising in the Caribbean on your their Cayman Islands trip. Try places such as Star Fish Point on North Side or visit the sandbar on a Sunday afternoon; that is where all the locals spend their time on a Sunday once church is finished. During your Caribbean getaway, boating for every occasion is available and if you don't own a ship simply charter one for your stay or for a day. A family day trip, power boating, a fishing trip—there’s something to be seen for all ages on Cayman’s waters.


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Hints & Tips

  • Occasionally local sailors will provide Catboat rides. Try it - you can be part of Caymanian history! 
  • Taking a boat to Rum Point or West Bay restaurants is perfectly acceptable.
  • Sunset cruises are a perfect way to spend a romantic evening with a loved one.