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Banana Boats

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A banana boat is an inflatable yellow round raft meant to be towed behind a speedboat. Similar to tubing, the boat operator often tries to flip the banana boat by taking unexpected turns. The roar of the boat is also accompanied by screams of delight and sheer terror by riders. are available on on Grand Cayman. The calm Caribbean waters are perfect for raucous banana boat rides. This activity is good for larger groups as the banana boat can hold up to 6 people at a time. The adventure will certainly provide some good stories to tell when your vacation is finished and you are rehashing the events at home.

Hints & Tips

  • Laughing so hard you can't help your friend back on to the banana boat may bring revenge later on (hint: help first - laugh second).
  • Be sure to wear a personal floatation device.  
  • Apply sunscreen often.