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Whether you're looking to swim with the beautiful wildlife or explore a sunken ship, Cayman Islands offers the best of the Caribbean


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Water is going to be easy to find on your Caribbean vacation in the Cayman Islands. The question is how to spend your time on the water. The Cayman Islands is among the best in the Caribbean and provides as many solutions to that question as you can think of.

Want to relax and enjoy the waters? Consider , , or . For those that feel more adventurous, enjoy , , and in clear Caribbean waters, all year-round.

And for those looking for the optimal Caribbean vacation experience, there's no better way to explore the Cayman Islands than and . With some of the most exciting dive sites and in the Caribbean, visitors come from all over the world to enjoy a Caribbean diving vacation in the Cayman Islands. Whether you're looking to swim with the beautiful wildlife or explore a sunken ship, Cayman Islands offers the best of the Caribbean.
Anything is possible on this crystal clear body of water called the Caribbean Sea.


Jetskis, caymanJetskis

A jet ski is a personal morotrized watercraft that the one rides or stands on. A perfect vessel for catching waves and cruising with speed, the jet ski is a unique way to experience the Caribbean.  Whether it's a 'Jet Ski', a 'Waverunner', or a 'Sea-Doo', a wide range of jetski rentals are available throughout the islands... Click here to learn more

Kayak, caymanKayak

A kayak is a small human-powered boat, propelled manually by a double blade paddle. Although recreational kayaks are traditionally closed, in the Cayman Islands, you’re more likely to find open sea kayaks. These vessels are usually designed for one, two, or even three. On your Caribbean getaway, kayaking is an active way to tour the waters. Click here to learn more

Kitesurfing in CaymanKitesurfing

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a surface water sport that uses the wind to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard a kiteboard similar to wakeboarding. For more information on Cayman watersports and kitesurfing, please check out our partner listings under watersports... Click here to learn more

Paddleboarding in CaymanPaddleboarding

Stand-up Paddleboarding has a long history, starting back in Polynesia centuries ago as a way for kings and queens to enjoy the water. By using a long board and a paddle they were able to cruise around, travel between islands and catch waves along the way. Modern day surfing is derived from this original paddleboard surfing. Click here to learn more

Parasailing in CaymanParasailing

Parasailing is a recreational activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a specially designed parachute, known as a parasail, and is a popular Cayman watersport. The boat then drives off, carrying the parascender high into the air. If the boat is powerful enough, two or three people can... Click here to learn more

Banana Boats in CaymanBanana Boats

A banana boat is an inflatable boat meant for towing. Similar to tubing, the boat operator often tries to flip the banana boat by taking unexpected turns. Calm Caribbean waters are perfect for raucous banana boat rides. Please refer to our partners for operators... Click here to learn more

Boating in Cayman IslandsBoating

Early Caymanians were lauded as some of the world’s greatest boat makers. Today, a strong maritime heritage still ruminates throughout the islands. Seafarers and beginners to boating alike will enjoy boating in the Caribbean on your their Cayman Islands trip. During your Caribbean getaway, boating for every occasion is available. Click here to learn more

Sailing in CaymanSailing

The Cayman Islands is blessed with a rich sailing heritage. This heritage continues with a strong recreational sailing community. The Cayman Islands Sailing Club is the National Authority for sailing in the Cayman Islands and affiliated to the ISAF and the Olympic movement. There is a strong commitment to... Click here to learn more

Yachts, CaymanYachts

When visiting the Caribbean Islands, experience the azure waters of Cayman in luxury aboard a yacht or boat charter. Whether it’s a diving excursion, a sunset meal, or just a relaxing day on the seas, your Cayman Islands vacation features some of the must luxe offerings in the Caribbean. Please refer to our partners for charter services. Click here to learn more

Fishing in CaymanFishing

In the Cayman Islands, fishing is often called the unofficial "national sport." Prized game-fish like blue marlin, tuna, wahoo and dolphin (Mahi-mahi) and barracuda are caught year-round. With options such as shore fishing, bottom and reef fishing and flyfishing, Cayman visitors have the option to fish in different locations and styles... Click here to learn more

Hints & Tips

  • Always have a buddy when doing watersports.  
  • Try something new - kitesurfing classes are available.
  • See if you can find the 5 colours of our Caribbean Sea.