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Little Cayman

Little Cayman Snorkel

Snorkelling in Little Cayman

Snorkeling in Little Cayman is full of fun and adventure! Little Cayman's South Hole Sound Lagoon and Point of Sand (watch currents!) are other delightful snorkeling sites - their white sand beaches are as breathtaking as any in the Caribbean. You might glimpse a feisty bonefish or permit in these waters, as well as Queen conch, parrotfish and dozens of reef fish. For an unforgettable experience snorkeling in Little Cayman; take a boat trip to Bloody Bay, where the wall begins at only 18 ft - an unforgettable sight as lush coral gardens meet sheer vertical coral wall! Many snorkell sites are also dive sites and if you can hold your breath for a bit check out some amazing chutes, caves and some unforgetable mini-walls. Jackson Point also includes moorings such as Sarah's Set, Bus Stop and Cumber's Caves if you have access to a boat or hitch a ride on a dive boat. If you would prefer to stay closer to shore try Preston Bay which has shore access.

Hints & Tips

  • Apply sunscreen often - burnt calves, bottoms of the feet and backs do not lead to a fun vacation. 
  • Test your equipment in shallow water.
  • Going far from shore can be fun but you have to get back to shore to tell the best stories.