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Snorkelling in Cayman Brac

Off Cayman Brac, the easy entry at the Buccaneer's Beach on the north coast provides a popular dive and snorkeling site, featuring healthy small coral formations and plentiful fish. Another location along the north side of the island is Radar Reef. Be sure to bring your aqua socks as there maybe rocks along the shoreline and it is important to protect your feet. The entire north coast of Cayman Brac offers shallow underwater scenery which is primarily pristine and seldom explored, making snorkelling off Cayman Brac a favorite of many vacationers. 

There are also great snorkelling spots along the south side of the island near the resorts with easy beach access. See if you can find the reason behind the name for Handcuff Reef on your next snorkell trip. For a real thrill, join a dive boat headed for the wreck of the M/V Capt. Keith Tibbetts, a 330-ft. Russian built frigate sunk in 50-100 ft. off Cayman Brac's northwest coast. The view from above will stun you!

Hints & Tips

  • Apply sunscreen often - burnt calves, bottoms of the feet and backs do not lead to a fun vacation. 
  • Test your equipment in shallow water.
  • Going far from shore can be fun but you have to get back to shore to tell the best stories.