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Little Cayman

little cayman diving

Diving in Little Cayman

Above the water, Little Cayman is as colorful as the surrounding Caribbean Sea. Little Cayman offers that rare combination of sun-blessed solitude, glistening beaches, and miles of untouched tropical wilderness. Here, shy iguanas and rate birds outnumber humans. The Bloody Bay Marine Park is one of the world’s truly legendary dive sites.

Amazingly, dive sites off the coast of Little Cayman descend to an astounding depth of 6,000 feet. Don’t let these depths intimidate you; Little Cayman is also host to some of the most accommodating shallow Caribbean diving at 20 feet as well. There are more than fifty Little Cayman dive sites that surround the island, and every year a multitude of divers book their dive vacation to explore Little Cayman.

As the most underdeveloped of the three islands, diving in Little Cayman is all about the marine life, which is is vivacious and abundant, making it a favorite of adventurers from all over the world.Check out this dive site map for Little Cayman. You can also find more information on Little Cayman diving here.

Hints & Tips

  • There are plenty of other things to do when not diving. Try hiking, exploring the caves or playing dominoes with the residents. 
  • The Brac has a range of depths to ensure advanced and begining divers enjoy the experience. 
  • The Capt. Keith Tibbetts wreck depth ranges from 50 ft - 110 ft.