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Diving the MV Capt. Keith Tibbetts - Cayman Brac

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Snorkelling at Stingray City - Grand Cayman
Popular west coast sites which are easy to reach from shore on Grand Cayman include these locations just south of George Town:

Coconut Harbour, Sunset House, Seaview Hotel, Parrot's Landing, Watersports Park, Eden Rock Dive Center and the shallows reefs directly off Paradise Reef bar.

On Grand Cayman's west coast just north of George Town: Don Foster's dive shop on North Church St. and Calico Jack's are both the best entry points to see the wreck of the Cali. Other good locations include just off Bob Soto's Scuba Center at the Lobster Pot restaurant. Treasure Island Resort has good Snorkelling off its beach.  Further north include Cemetery Reef in West Bay and Turtle Reef, just north of the Turtle Farm at Northwest Point, are also popular locations.

The shallows off Morritt's Tortuga Club and Resort's lovely beach offer a surprising variety of fish and other marine life.

Cayman Turtle Farm Snorkel Lagoon
 Visitors can now enjoy a refreshing, dip in the ever inviting Breaker’s fresh water tidal lagoon and also enjoy Cayman Turtle Farms’s snorkel Lagoon, (a 1.3 million gallon salt-water snorkel lagoon which is at the heart of the park showcasing the beauty of the Cayman marine environment).  Hundreds of species of tropical fish thrive in this free-swim area – guaranteeing an up-close view and truly interactive experience. Our guests can enjoy an underwater adventure as they explore an “ancient” shipwreck hidden amongst the coral heads, or peer into the predator tank and come nose-to-nose with sharks and eels through an acrylic glass. After the underwater experience with multiple displays and winding channels through a simulated reef; guests are free to relax on the white sand beach, by the shoreline of a tropical lagoon.

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Hints & Tips
  • Don't pack sunscreen and bug repelant, purchase it when you arrive.
  • Bring a sundress and a nice shirt that can double as a cover-up when going to or from the beach.
  • Know the name and district of your accommodations to make the Immigration process faster.