diving on Cayman Brac
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Diving the MV Capt. Keith Tibbetts - Cayman Brac

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Ghost Mountain - Grand Cayman
Grand Cayman diving posses the stuff of divers’ dreams: virtually untouched reefs, luminous sponges, varied corals, an abundance of lively sea species. With more than 175 dive sites, Grand Cayman is a premier Caribbean dive destination, offering plentiful shallow and deep diving. The World’s Best 12 Foot Dive—Stingray City in the North Sound, is a do-not-miss Cayman attraction.

Most recently, Grand Cayman has become the home to the former USS Kittiwake, an artificial reef sunk of the north coast of Seven Mile Beach. Situated in 2011, this Caribbean shipwreck is teeming with marine life that is accessible to both beginners and advanced divers.

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Hints & Tips
  • Don't pack sunscreen and bug repelant, purchase it when you arrive.
  • Bring a sundress and a nice shirt that can double as a cover-up when going to or from the beach.
  • Know the name and district of your accommodations to make the Immigration process faster.