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Diving the MV Capt.& Keith Tibbetts - Cayman Brac

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Diving in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman diving lets visitors choose from a wonderland of more than 159 of the best dive sites in the Caribbean. It's all here: steep, deep walls adorned with sponges and corals in a stunning array of colours, shallow reefs filled with schooling and solitary fish and small invertebrates, and wrecks featuring photogenic structures and curious marine residents. There's also the World's Best 12 Foot Dive - unique Stingray City.

The Kittiwake is Grand Cayman’s latest dive attraction and is quickly becoming one of the most popular Caribbean dive sites. After a triumphant sinking in 2011, the former submarine rescue vessel has taken up vibrant residency along the northern tip of Seven Mile Beach. Watch as Goliath groupers patrol the ship’s bottom and squirrelfish play among the decks.

Grand Cayman's reefs offer a variety of marine life encounters. The fish and critters are unafraid of divers, knowing we pose no threat. They don't flee when approached. Instead, silvery Tarpon hover motionless in mid-water, surrounded by glittery Silversides, and French Angelfish that fin in close to check you out. Huge Barrel Sponges and swirling schools of fish are common off Grand Cayman. These reefs are unspoiled while orgonians and hard corals thrive in the clear, warm waters. Most dive sites are just minutes offshore.

Check out this dive site map for Grand Cayman.

Hints & Tips

  • The Cayman Islands offers multiple ways to organise a Dive Vacation -
    • Stay at a Dive Resort which will often bundle dive packages with accommodations or
    • Stay at a traditional accommodations and dive with a seperate charter company 
  • Cayman Airways allows 2 free checked bags making it easier to bring your own dive gear.
  • Cayman Brac and Little Cayman offer very different dive experiences than Grand Cayman especially Bloody Bay Wall.