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The Cayman Islands are proudly recognised as the birthplace of recreational diving in the Caribbean


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Diving in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are proudly recognised as the birthplace of recreational diving in the Caribbean. We've been proudly showing off our spectacular underwater world since 1957 when scuba pioneer Bob Soto opened the first Grand Cayman dive shop.Today, Cayman is one of the world's top dive destinations. With more than 40 dive operations and almost 360 dive sites marked with moorings, adventurers from all over the world choose the Cayman Islands for the best of Caribbean diving. Our warm, calm waters, 100 ft. plus visibility and breath-taking variety of marine life offer a world of exciting logbook entries. Each island offers very different diving adventures for divers of all levels from novice to Nitrox and Tec diving.


Grand Cayman diving

Grand Cayman Diving

Stingray City and the nearby Sand Bar in North Sound are Grand Cayman's most popular snorkeling sites, visited by hundreds of snorkelers each week. Click here for more information about booking your Stingray City trip. Great Caribbean snorkeling can be found close to shore on all three islands. Boat trips will allow you to enjoy more dramatic views of deeper wrecks, reefs and the Cayman wall while floating on the surface.

Cayman Brac diving

Cayman Brac Diving

In Cayman Brac, unforgettable Caribbean diving is what attracts most people to this ethereal island getaway. The newest attraction for Cayman divers is the wreck of the 330 ft. M/V Captain Keith Tibbetts, a Russian built Cuban naval frigate which was sunk off the island's northwest coast in September 1996. It is already the home for a variety of marine life. There are two other small wrecks off the Brac's coast.

Little Cayman diving

Little Cayman Diving

Despite the name  "Little Cayman", there is a vast underwater world to behold off these shores, especially on famous Bloody Bay wall and Jackson Point. Bloody Bay Marine Park is one of the world's truly legendary dive sites: the sheer coral wall begins at 20 ft. and plunges to 6000 ft. Colorful coral gardens, wavering sea plumes and exotic tropical fish thrive among more than 50 unique dive sites for the best of Cayman diving.

Hints & Tips

  • Dive operations range from full valet service with accommodations to one boat operations.
  • All dive operators provide "Learn to Dive" courses.
  • The Cayman Islands is home to the "Scuba Diving Hall of Fame" and hosts an event each year to honour new inductees.