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Sugar sand, secluded, spacious - how will you describe Cayman's beaches

West Bay Beach

West Bay Beach, Grand Cayman

Located at the North end of , Grand Cayman's West Bay Public Beach is a great location for people watching and soaking up the rays. Complete with changing and bathroom facilities this beach is also close to restaurants and great BBQ cooked right on the beach.

This is the beach and pier where many visitors and residents watched the sinking of the in 2011.

There is also a boat launch ramp located next to the beach making it an easily accessible way to tie the boat to the pier and take advantage of the beauty that can only happen in the .

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Hints & Tips

  • West Bay Public Beach also has a boat launch ramp to make your voyage even easier.
  • Be sure to apply sunscreen often. 
  • Many sports supply stores sell children's floats, one-piece float suits and snorkells.