seven mile beach on grand cayman
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Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach - Grand Cayman Beach Vacation, Caribbean Vacation

Named one of the “Ultimate Beaches” by Caribbean Travel + Life, Seven Mile Beach is only one of the many reasons why Cayman is considered the ultimate Caribbean destination and the epitome of an island getaway vacation. Located on the western shore of Grand Cayman, the Seven Mile Beach is the most well-known beach on the islands. Attracting visitors from all over the world, the Seven Mile Beach is features clear waters and coral sands. The 7 Mile beach serves as the home to many of the on the Cayman Islands.

Seven Mile Beach is public property, and therefore possible to walk the full length past several resorts, hotels and villas, regardless of where you’re staying. There are restaurants open to the public at most of the resorts and several public beach bars. Seven Mile beach encompasses so many different activities; a day at the beach can leave your head spinning yet wanting more. Whether you are looking to work on your tan and watch the waves roll in, partake in some adventurous parasailing or shallow snorkeling in the Caribbean with the family, Seven Mile Beach provides all ages a chance to enjoy what the Cayman Islands and your Caribbean vacation will truly be all about.

Finding a spot under the trees for a picnic is one of the first things some do when they come to the beach. Others rent wave runners and enjoy the thrill of being out on the open sea, while some prefer to join a volleyball game with the locals. Whatever you feel like doing on your Caribbean vacation, you’re sure to find it on Seven Mile Beach.

The 7 Mile Beach is surrounded by several popular Cayman Islands activities. Pet friendly stingrays in , shop the Seven Mile Shops, and snorkel or scuba dive in the calm waters around Cemetery Reef. The Cayman and Cayman’s capital George Town are also nearby.

Hints & Tips

  • Be sure to apply sunscreen often. 
  • Many sports supply stores sell childrens floats, one-piece float suits and snorkells.  
  • Compete with friends on who has visited the most Cayman beaches.