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Sugar sand, powder, secluded - how do you describe Cayman's beaches

Owen Island

owen island, caribbean vacation

For a real adventure and a true taste of Cayman watersports, visit the island getaway Owen Island, a small islet just off the south-western coast of Little Cayman. The only way to reach this island getaway is by sailboat or kayaking across the waters of Bloody Bay, so be prepared for an exciting voyage! If you love the idea of a Caribbean island getaway to a secluded beach for the ultimate in romance, rest, and relaxation, Owen Island is the Caribbean vacation for you.

For some vacationers, the attractions, near or around a beach are the most important attributes. For others, getting away from it all is all their looking for. Both young and old - from social and active explorers to couples seeking privacy, Owen Island accommodates all with a personality and a character that is unlike anything else found in the Caribbean.

Once reaching the island, savour a picnic or simply enjoy the tranquillity that surrounds. This islet does not have any buildings, homes or human habitation, making it the perfect Caribbean vacation destination for true rest and relaxation. Enjoy this island paradise alone, with friends, or make it your choice for a private , and still make it back to your hotel in time for dinner.

Hints & Tips

  • Be sure to apply sunscreen often. 
  • Many sports supply stores sell childrens floats, one-piece float suits and snorkells.  
  • Compete with friends on who has visited the most Cayman beaches.