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Sugar sand, secluded, spacious - how will you describe Cayman's beaches

Head O Bay

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Head O Bay, located on , is a true Caribbean island getaway. It’s the perfect Caribbean vacation for families or couples who are looking for a relaxing vacation and an island adventure. This top Little Cayman Beach is well known for its picturesque views.

It’s ideal for an entire day of true rest and relaxing, reading and features some of the finest . Head O Bay makes it easy to see why the Cayman Islands are often cited as having the . Explore this Little Cayman beach during a day-trip or on a longer overnight stay while on your Caribbean getaway to the Cayman Islands.

Head O Bay is located on the South Shore along the beautiful South Hole Sound, in Little Cayman. Surrounded by shallow lagoons, those on a  will have plenty to explore including the Jackson Walls and the marine life of Bloody Bay.

Hints & Tips

  • Wear a hat while on the beach along with sunscreen to prevent burning.
  • A book and snorkell gear is essential when visiting any of Cayman's beaches.
  • Bring a pic-nik to the beach to make the most of the beautiful scenery.