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Sugar sand, powdery, secluded - how do you describe Cayman's beaches

East End Beach

East End beach, grand cayman beach, romantic beach, beach vacation

East End Public Beach is an ideal secluded beach perfect for a romantic afternoon or a spectacular sunrise. This beach also known as Colliers Beach plays host to many birthday parties and events during the weekend making it a good place to meet residents. This beach is teaming with turtle grass and visitors can see all the baby fish swimming around out of the reach of preditors.

Don't forget to visit East End Beach on your Grand Cayman vacation and enjoy the island the way the locals do. Stop at the local fish fry grab some mahi mahi or snapper then head over here and enjoy it seaside.

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Hints & Tips

  • Bring your sunglasses with you to the beach. It makes it easier to see when the sun sparkles off the water.
  • Be sure to apply sunscreen often. 
  • Many sports supply stores sell children's floats, one-piece float suits and snorkells.