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Discover Cayman’s latest treasure, the Kittiwake on your Cayman dive vacation. It was after a perilous 9-day tow through an ice storm that the former Chanticleer Class Submarine Rescue Ship reached Cayman waters. In service from 1945 to 1994, her most memorable duty was the diligent recovery of the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster. On January 5th, 2011 a three cannon salute signaled the Kittiwake’s triumphant sinking.

Situated in a Marine Park governed by Cayman Law, the wreck has blossomed into a dynamic environment for marine life. While visitors are not allowed to touch or take anything, there are endless sights to take in along the Kittiwake wreck. Each of the five decks offers a surprise: squirrelfish, a rainbow of rare sponges, Goliath groupers, urchins. 64 feet deep at the bottom and 15 feet from the surface, experienced divers and beginners alike are encouraged to explore the ship's many levels for a or experience unique to your Cayman Islands vacation.

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Hints & Tips

  • Visitors are forbidden to touch or remove anything from Marine Park zones.  
  • During a recent Nor'western a panel of the Kittiwake was torn off making it easier to explore inside the ship.
  • The Kittiwake held 85 sailors and officers during active duty.