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Little Cayman

The least developed and the smallest and most tranquil of our three , Little Cayman epitomizes the definition of “an island getaway.” Our beautiful island offers seclusion and striking scenery everywhere you look, making it the perfect honeymoon island and a top Caribbean destination.

With a population of less than 170, most of Little Cayman remains uninhabited. Only ten miles long and one mile wide, this island getaway offers you a rare combination of sun drenched solitude, glistening beaches, and miles of untouched tropical wilderness.

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On Little Cayman, you'll find privacy and total relaxation. Bask on empty beaches that seem straight from a magazine, with soft white sand and only the wind blowing the palm trees to disturb you. Feeling energetic? Take a bike or rent a scooter and meander your way around the island, just remember that iguanas have the right of way, Venture to remote South Hole Sound Lagoon for a private swim in water that is every shade of blue or row out to tiny, deserted to enjoy a view of nature in its most pristine form where you can enjoy an island getaway experience so real, you’ll feel as if you were the last person on Earth.

This top honeymoon destination is quiet, but that doesn't mean it is without excitement. When we celebrate on Little Cayman, we go all out and during our annual Mardi Gras celebration, Little Cayman and the Little Cayman Cook-off, our tranquil paradise comes alive with the sounds of soca, reggae and steeldrums.

As divers in the know will tell you, much of the islands’ beauty lies beneath the waves. Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park is one of the most popular dive sites with adventure seekers from around the world, it’s full of life and vibrant colour and is famous for its dramatic drop offs and swim throughs.

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Many of the fifty plus unique Little Cayman dive sites along the wall start off as a shallow snorkelling areas before descending into the sheer expanse of pristine wall encrusted with colourful coral gardens and exotic sponges, for a experience we promise you’ll never forget. The waters of Little Cayman are home to lobster, octopus, eagle rays, reef sharks, turtles and every variety of tropical fish including our super friendly Nassau grouper, Jerry; who loves a little tickle under his chin. His devoted companion, Mini Me, is ever hopeful for his lionfish dinner.

Little Cayman is also home to the largest colony of Red-Footed Boobies in the western hemisphere and a visit to the Visitor’s Centre at the Booby Pond Nature Reserve is a bird watchers dream. Along with 20,000 Red-Footed Boobies, the reserve is also home to around 350 magnificent Frigate Birds, The National Trust’s bird outlook on Booby Pond is the best place to view and photograph the boobies, especially at sunset when you can witness the battle for survival as the boobies return to their nesting grounds and try to outwit the frigate birds.

Your relaxing Caribbean vacation would not be complete without a visit to Little Cayman, where you can truly ease the body and soul in the timeless beauty of the island’s unspoiled natural surroundings.

Hints & Tips

  • Partake in a football (soccer) match with residents at the airport playing field.
  • Try your hand at fishing in Tarpon Lake.
  • Kayak or snorkell over to Owen Island.
  • US currency is accepted island wide.